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Looking for a Windshield repair you can trust? Look no further!

We’re committed to Windshield repair or replacement and to serving you with honesty, quality, and value. 

We know how valuable your time is, so we provide fast, convenient service to get your car back to you as quickly as possible. We also know budgets are tight, so we keep our prices as low as we can without compromising the quality of our materials and services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for auto glass repair in OC or LA area.

Why Choose Us

Windshield Service

Car windshields and windows can take a beating on streets and highways. Pebbles fly, leaving chips and dings behind. Wayward baseballs and high-speed golf balls can cause problems in even the nicest neighborhoods. Burglars and vandals find easy pickings by smashing out car windows to get to valuable interior contents. Whatever the cause of your windshield problem, E Auto Glass can fix the problem. We have new and used auto glass in stock for any car window in need of windshield repair in Orange county California.

E Auto Glass can work on Any Make and Model

E Auto Glass has been replacing and repairing automobile glass for over 10 years at the lowest prices in OC area. Our expert installation professionals will remove the broken glass, install the new glass, clean out all the broken glass and debris from inside your car, and have you back on the road in no time. We’ll even come out to do auto glass repair at your home or office, often at no cost to you.

Windshield Repair Is Critical

Chipped or broken glass on your car can be dangerous regardless of where the breaks are. Chipped windshields can impair your vision and weaken the glass structure. If your windshield is cracked or broken, you need our  auto glass repair because your car will have difficulty passing inspection and your accident risk on the road will increase. Don't take any chances. We can handle windshield problems quickly and affordable.